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in Backdoor revenue?

Are you losing

Unlock your lost recruitment fees

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Bring home placement fees that have been lost to backdoor hires using our cloud-based technology platform



12 Backdoor Hires

Found in a Tech Recruitment company with 78 employees based in London, UK
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  • What is your money back guarantee policy?
    If we run searches for potential candidate hires and 0 matched hires come back, we will refund any search fee.
  • How long will a search take?
    Search time will vary on quantity & demand levels, a search under 10,000 CV sends could take a matter of hours, a larger search could take a few working days. We will provide an estimate before running your searches.
  • How do we run our searches?
    We run thousands of searches and, using a secure network of hundreds of virtual machines in the cloud, we use a wide range of data sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub etc. To ensure a high quality standard, we use multivariate searches for individuals & companies, for example a candidate named John will be searched as John, Jon, Jonathan, etc, unlike manual searches.
  • How do I know my data is safe?
    All data searching is completed & sent back automatically using Amazon Web Services; the securest virtual machine provider on the market. Once the results are sent back, the computer session that completed the search is terminated and all related candidate CV search data is deleted, no data is ever stored locally.
  • What is included in the Backdoor Bible
    The latest version of the Backdoor Bible is included with every purchase. It includes multiple initial email templates varying from a soft to hard approach; a client negotiation decision tree; multiple real case studies examples: and recommendations of legal firms specialized in recruitment law.
  • What do I need to provide?
    To check if a potential CV send resulted in a candidate hire, all we need is a csv file with a list of candidate names, the company they were sent to & the date they were sent (optional). We would request you remove candidate hires that resulted in placements for your company to avoid false positives.
  • What will the search results look like?
    Once the searches are complete, our software will compile any matches into a excel file, filtered by candidate hire date, this way you can process the listings that will have the highest chance of being claimable. You will have to check the terms agreement you have with specific companies to see if they are in the relevant Introduction period.
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Drop us a message & begin the process of claiming back your hard earned recruitment fees


60 New Broad St, London EC2M 1JJ

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